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Where To Find The HOTTEST Prospects For Your Network Marketing Business On Social Media

Have you ever wondered where you can find prospects who are ready to buy your products and join your team? We’re talking prospects who are already qualified and have a high likelihood of joining your business or buying your products. Well, they’re out there, right now, waiting to hear from you! And in the video […]

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Brandy Shaver

The Problem With Prospecting And Recruiting On Social Media

Social Media can be a POWERFUL resource when it comes to building any business online. But, most people tend to abuse it (unknowingly in most cases) shooting themselves in the foot, causing their online recruiting tactics to cripple their business. Not too long ago, that was us. We were so excited about the company we […]

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Cari Higham

This Will Make You Reconsider Building Your Business On Social Media

This coming February will mark 6 years since we entered the world of network marketing and our life took a crazy detour into deep personal development and getting told “NO” more times than a baby that just learned how to walk. We were so excited in the beginning… and thought we’d be at the top of […]

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Higham Family

How to Build a 6-Figure Team Without Sacrificing Your Kids in the Process

This can be a touchy subject for a lot of parents when it comes to building their network marketing business… Whether this is your full-time gig or even your part-time “side hustle,” the biggest question I get asked these days is “How do I manage my time so I’m not putting my kids on the […]

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How to Duplicate Your Way to a 6-Figure Team

  The only way you can reliably scale a network marketing business, in a way that doesn’t consume your life, is by creating systems that can be duplicated by your team. An issue I’ve seen over and over again with network marketing top producers is this… They got into network marketing because they didn’t want […]

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