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We were married February, 20, 2009, in Manti, Utah.

Our journey started out like many others in this industry. We were young, newly married, and thought we had the world at our fingertips. With entrepreneurial mindsets, Whit found success as a rising dental technician and had a dream to open his own dental lab, while I had just graduated beauty school and opened my own nail salon. Money was never an issue for us. We vacationed, bought a house, a car, and slowly, but surely, the debt started creeping up in our name. We never spent more than we made, but when we got the news it would be harder to have children than we originally thought, medical bills started flowing in and we found ourselves with more days at the end of the month than money.

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March 21, 2013 – Whit with our brand new baby boy, Kaetz.

Turned upside down.

Our lives changed drastically when Whit was laid off in March of 2011 and couldn’t find a job due to technology. See, a machine was invented that made it possible for dentists to make crowns in house. As a waxer and ceramist, he was the first to be let go in the company he worked for and because of the economy, and this machine, Whit’s job became somewhat obsolete and he was forced to change career paths.We were hurting. Whit started taking any job he could so we could get by, and I took on more clients in my salon, but the debt kept piling up. Whit was soon working part-time with UPS, as well as 2 other jobs, and we found ourselves barely getting by when we were blessed with our first baby boy, Kaetz, after many fertility appointments, in March of 2013.

July 4, 2013

July 4, 2013

The first phone call.

Since we were first married, we had been sought after by many people in different network marketing companies because of our extrovert personalities and tenacious work ethics. We had always said “thanks, but no thanks,” to the industry because we were NEVER going to get involved with one of “those things.” We were ignorant, and had only heard about the bad from family and friends. We knew there were people that were able to create wealth through companies like these, and were drawn to the idea of residual income, but we, like many people, thought it was those at the top of the pyramid making all the money, leaving those at the bottom with none.So, when Whit’s mother called us in July of 2013 because she had “gotten involved” with a company and wanted to “share it with us,” Whit and I looked at each other and said “no way.” But, because it was Whit’s mom, we humored her and allowed her and a friend and mentor of ours to come over and share the opportunity with us anyway. For the first time in my life I was intrigued by the industry. Whit and I NEVER saw each other at this point in time. We were strangers living in the same house and he was missing Kaetz grow up, but when I saw how much I had to pay to get started, we decided against it and I found myself using a lot of the same excuses we hear from people today. We were barely getting by, remember? Not to mention I had just had a baby and was running a salon. There was no way I could fit something like this into my schedule! (My excuses were a mile long.)

Upside down again.

largeOur lives were flipped through a loop once more in November of 2013 when Whit was no longer driving at UPS due to his part-time position and there being a dip in package deliveries. At this same time, my nail clientele was cut in half due to a few layoffs that happened around our small community. Once again we were hurting, only this time it was worse because we had no cushion in savings to fall back on. Bills were piling up and we found ourselves losing our home and moving into my parent’s basement.Being humbled, we fell to our hands and knees and pleaded with our Heavenly Father for help. Only this time, we needed something DIFFERENT. We felt like we were worth more than this, working only to pay bills day after day for the next 40 – 50 years. We knew our lives were meant for something BIGGER.

The answer to our prayer came two days later in the form of a second phone call from that same friend and mentor asking us to take a look at this network marketing opportunity once more. This time, we really listened and looked into the industry, learning as much as we could. Our minds were BLOWN! What we found was the chance to build a massive residual income, all while helping and serving people. In this process, we would be changing not only our lives, but the lives of thousands, if not millions, across the world not only from a health standpoint, but financially as well. Are you kidding me? We were SOLD!

One of my mentors, Brandy Shaver, and myself at our very first event in April of 2014.

Myself and one of my mentors, Brandy Shaver, at Whit’s and my very first event, April of 2014.

We enrolled in our home company in February of 2014. Being mentored by some of the industries top earners, as well as learning from many mistakes first time network marketers make, we built the traditional or “old school” way, prospecting family and friends, cold contacting, and pretty much hounding anyone within three feet of us that would listen.

Finding success.Family Picture May 30, 2015

Family Picture May 2015

Family Picture May 2015

Feeling like it wasn’t building fast enough, we began becoming students of the industry, attending workshops, reading, and listening to audios. That’s when we discovered “Attraction Marketing” and the concept of bringing value to the marketplace and having people actively seek us out in return. IT WORKED! We have merged the worlds of traditional and online marketing, tripling our business these past few months. We still build the old school way, but attraction marketing has given us the freedom to spend more time with our now 2 boys, welcoming Zandrix into our family in May of 2015, as we build our empire. Click here to learn more about Attraction Marketing Formula.

Getting trained by some of the industries top leaders in Phoenix, Arizona – October 2015


Our passion is serving others and watching them find success. We know this industry is our ticket to freedom and can be anyone else’s ticket if they’re willing to buckle down, work hard, and commit to the process. We hope that through this blog and sharing what we’ve learned over the past few years, as well as products we recommend, we might be a small part of you finding success in your own journey.

Eric Worre training in Nashville, Tennessee, February 2016.

Eric Worre training in Nashville, Tennessee, February 2016.


If we can leave you with any advice it’s this – THINK MUCH BIGGER MUCH SOONER! The world of network marketing is changing… It IS possible to build online and it’s completely duplicable! You have what it takes to be a top earner in this industry! Nothing is off limits to you if you set your sights high, work smarter instead of harder, and run with a burning desire to serve others. It IS possible to shorten the timeline between the life you’re living and the life you dream of. Our only question for you is ARE YOU READY?

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